Property Sales

Sales of HFHOA Properties

The Huntington Forest Homeowner’s Association must issue a Disclosure Packet for all properties sold in Huntington Forest. Disclosure Packets are $100.00 and can be obtained by contacting the Vice Treasurer Steve Piper at 703-746-8462.

Note: Disclosure Packets must be obtained BEFORE the property settlement date.

Virginia Disclosure Packet Attachment Checklist

Note: This is the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation’s checklist dated March 14, 2013 that did not include the Virginia legislature’s HB 2305 passed effective July 1, 2013 requiring that:

  • Under the Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act, the Association’s Disclosure Packet contains a statement setting forth any restriction, limitation, or prohibition on the right of an owner to install or use solar energy collection devices on the property; and,
  • Under the Virginia Residential Property Disclosure Act, the seller makes no representation to a prospective purchaser of residential property with respect to any right to install or use solar energy collection devices on the property.

Installation and use of solar collectors within Huntington Forest are addressed by Guideline 6 of the Association’s Architectural Control Guidelines & Procedures which imposes restrictions on their:  location upon the house, visibility from the street in front of the house, and reflective glare toward neighboring houses.

Potential Purchasers and Real-Estate Agents – Please read the following letter: Listing Real Estate Agents, Prospective Home Buyers, and Home Owners.