Huntington Forest Homeowners Association

Property Sales

Sales of HFHOA Properties

The Huntington Forest Homeowner’s Association must issue a Disclosure Packet for all properties sold in Huntington Forest. Disclosure Packets are $100.00 and can be obtained by contacting the Treasurer, Mike Gomez,

Note: Disclosure Packets must be obtained BEFORE the property settlement date.

Virginia Disclosure Packet Attachment Checklist

Installation and use of solar collectors within Huntington Forest are addressed by Guideline 6 of the Association’s Architectural Control Guidelines & Procedures which impose restrictions on the:  location upon the house, visibility from the street in front of the house, and reflective glare toward neighboring houses.

Potential Purchasers and Real-Estate Agents – Please read the following letter: Listing Real Estate Agents, Prospective Home Buyers, and Home Owners.